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From doll's dresses to the studio, from shoes to the concept store




I was 5 years old when I received the Christmas gift that would trace my life ... a sewing machine, which motivated me to give rise to my imagination as a "young creator."


From that moment, fate wanted me to give continuity to the work of my Mother (a professional dressmaker) by creating the wardrobe for my dolls who had an extremely active social life. And so, I quickly learned to transform the fabrics I found, into "tendencies" and "collections", lived and created during my childhood.

In this way, from a very early age I discovered that my path would forever be linked to the Fashion World and, as such, I graduated in ​​"Fashion Design" among others related to the area.

The theoretical-practical knowledge was complemented with the professional experience gained throughout the courses and with the participation in several national / international competitions. This culminated in the recognition achieved through some prizes, to be highlighted: "Best International Designer" in the contest Estremadura Fashion - Spain, as well as the opportunity to practice at the Atelier Miguel Vieira, at the end of the course.

Once the training in Fashion Design had concluded, the opportunity to get to know the reality of the textile industry in Portugal appeared. As I entered this new world, I discovered the sense of opportunity, dedication, effort and courage necessary for the creation of my own project - the DORA GUIMARÃES studio. 

A project that was born from a very personal interpretation of the universe of women's fashion, of the elegance and sensuality that all women seek for a special occasion, as well as the awareness and importance of being closer to the client - I dedicated this space that I defined as a second home - to create tailor-made custom pieces because, above all, I like to "pamper" my clients, providing a counseling service either for creating a piece for the day to day or for development of an exclusive party dress or ceremony (brides).

"Because what we wear mirrors the way we present ourselves to the world, the respect we have for ourselves, the love we feel and the elegance we adopt ..."

and developed a small collection of dresses + accessories that would be sold in multi-brand stores.


Here I shared many of the moments with my inspirational muse, my mother, whom I lost it after a short time, and it was not easy to continue without her. Unfortunately, I left some projects on the shelf and went on with the studio because I felt I had to continue to dream. I wanted to be close to my clients, spoil them and take care of them, because I believed that the reverse was also happening.

Determined to follow my path and my dreams I found it would be the ideal time in my life / career to take over and accomplish what I really wanted to build. The project "By Dora Guimarães" is a maturity of my projects over the last 10 years, the fusion of my two biggest dreams - clothing and accessories (shoes + suitcases) - the perfect world for women.


As a woman we live in a society where they demand too much, we are women, professionals, wives, mothers and housewives and often all this over a 3in heel.

My shoe line comes for all women who need to have a careful and practical image, coupled with the comfort and quality they deserve. With the same look you can leave the house with stilettos or put on the sneakers without sacrificing the elegance and good taste.

The footwear line can already be found in several stores in Portugal, Spain, France and Australia.

In the summer of 2019, our clothing line was introduced, thus fulfilling the promise of expanding the concept of the brand. From now on, By Dora Guimarães happens to be a brand that creates both pieces of clothing and footwear, thus approaching the creation of the total look for the modern woman that I aspire to please.

I feel that despite everything I am still a dreamer, I love the world of fashion and it is through the fabrics that I transform into pieces of clothing and shoes that I want to reach people,

"I want to continue to create a perfect world, within an imperfect world".